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Of Pencils and boxes

If you were to explore your creative skills and offer your ideas and imagination about two themes from our daily life, one a pencil and another a box, I’m convinced that most amongst you can propose exciting and impressive ideas that reveal your unique originality and viewpoints.  Reflection of two great writers Before you discover your ideas, let us read up about the creative intelligence of two celebrated contemporary writers. Paulo Coelho’s short story on the pencil  Nassim Nicholas’s aphorism on boxes. Paulo Coelho The proclaimed author who shot to fame with his bestselling novel , The Alchemist, needs no...

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Possible implications of folk tales

Any folklore may look like straightforward storytelling, but most of the time, its implications are diverse. The implications I have drawn are, of course, just a partial list. Keeping the past alive. Folk tales across various cultures were created, keeping in mind the prevailing traditions, religious beliefs and sociopolitical situations. The best way to pass on the traditions over many generations is to create stories based on it. It is a time tested strategy widely used before the technological breakthroughs. Don’t throw me in the briar patch. Have you ever come across these two expressions in English,” Don’t throw me...


Cognitive dissonance in sour grapes

People generally use the saying “Sour grapes “ as a disdain expression to point out disapprovingly of those opportunities that slipped through their fingers or to mention the unfulfilled goals and dreams. While their mind may be reeling under unpleasantness and envy, outwardly people balance their behaviour in a manner that reduces their inner turmoil. A peek into the Aesop’s fable. Not intending to narrate the whole story of Fox and grapes here, but in a nutshell, once the fox realised that the mouth-watering “sweet” grapes were not quite attainable, he gives up his efforts, muttering “sour grapes “ and...