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worth one's salt

Worth one’s salt and explore few salty phrases

Salt, as everyone knows, is one of the essential component of our everyday life. From the normal functioning of the human body to its integral role as a flavouring as well as a preservative of food, its uses are many. An unsung hero To be precise, currently, there are about 14,000 documented uses for salt, a startling figure for such a humble commodity. Maybe for the same reasons, salt has found a place for itself in the English language usage as well, reflecting its significance in society. Salty phrases The expression to be worth one’s salt and other few salt-related...

Bouquet of Aphorisms

A bouquet of Aphorisms

An aphorism is not just a string of words, but purest distillation of mind and insights contemplating itself. A strong aphorism seduces,surprises and sinks in like a quickly digested morsel. Popularity Literary history of aphorisms are as old as humanity. Many literary laureates have tried their part in creating such short aphorisms, that are the bedrock of insights. Ancient folks, who had the luxury of time, were less educated. So they benefited from the brief portrayals, that could be easily assimilated. Short and condensed philosophy of insights is more suited for the modern men, who though educated are time-crunched for...