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absurdity called life

Sisyphus, the myth and the absurdity of life

Mythical stories and fables that are weaved from the fabric of life have enchanted humans since the dawn of civilization. For a myth to endure a time-spanning across generations and people identifying with them for its symbolic belief signifies its credibility. Sisyphus myth is one among many that have been reviewed widely in association to work, attitude and in the realm of existentialism. A one-line description of Sisyphus myth can be a man’s perseverance in a senseless repetition of a futile pursuit.   A commoner might remember Sisyphus’ experience as a person who is toiling in vain. Sisyphus, the mythological character ...

Pandora's Box, are you optimistic about hope

Pandora’s box, are you optimistic about hope?

The name Pandora’s box itself exudes antiquity, as well as an enigma. People often use it figuratively to refer to something bizarre or messy. As you probably know, this box is some kind of unexpected struggle, but how hope got imprisoned in it? The literal meaning of Pandora’s Box In modern times Pandora’s box means “Any source of significant and unexpected troubles.” or “A gift which seems valuable but which in reality is a curse”.Opening Pandora’s Box means, opening a can of worms. The mythology behind Pandora’s Box In one of the classic Greek mythology, Zeus, the king of Gods,...