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Navigating the cold and prick.

Human relationships: navigating the cold and prick

We, as social beings are not meant to be alone. We are wired to connect and cooperate with others, to share our joys and sorrows, to give and receive support. Our ancestors knew this well, as they formed clans and communities to face the dangers of nature together. That is why we fear being cast out or shunned by those we care about. Many ancient and modern teachings have emphasized the importance of social ties, friendships, and meaningful connections for our happiness and flourishing. Relationships offer us many positive attributes: they give as a sense of belonging, work as pillars...

Food Habits Hard to Resist

Food habits, hard to resist

Humans don’t seem to be the only species susceptible to the undesirable food habits and lifestyle disorders attributed to it. It looks like we have company here. If given a chance, the nonhuman primates in Savannah cannot say no to the delicious delicacies or to the chair-bound cosy, lazy life. A life that mismatched the evolutionary history  As humans climbed up the evolutionary ladder, leaving the hunter-gatherer life behind and habituated to a sophisticated life, few unsuitable routines were bound to happen. Such as, coping with a fast-paced life, excessive consumption of fatty and sugary foods, round the clock desk-bound...