Category: Wellbeing


Crossing paths

We are all passersby in someone’s life as others are in ours and we are meant to part ways at the end of the day. We may have crossed paths on the same road for a nanosecond, waited on the same stopover for a few minutes. Or might have sat next to each other, shared the same class for a couple of years, otherwise, various life circumstances and randomness of life could have allowed us to cross paths. But there is a beauty in meeting everyone, acquaintances, lovers, seasonal friends and even the ones you don’t wish to cross paths...


Hygge moments

Denmark has topped the world happiness report three times since 2013, which may have much to do with the way of their life, incorporating Hygge in everything they do. Trend-setters Hygge has been a buzzword since then, and its trend has influenced other cultures around the world so much so that you would come across plenty of articles and books based on it. Chances are you are one of those attracted to this cosy Danish philosophy or to the Hygge home decor that has become a vogue among interior creators. The grass is always greener on the other side of...